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Published on 19-01-2018


Hello dear members!

%50 Deposit bonus promotion for +1.00 Litecoin deposits started! Just deposit 1.00 Litecoin or more and get %50 Deposit bonus!

If you deposit between 1.00 and 0.50 Litecoin, you can get %25 Bonus!

You can also get %10 bonus for your deposits that under 0.50 Litecoin!

Have a good earnings!

- Deposit +1.00 Litecoin and get %50 Deposit bonus!
- Deposit between 0.50 - 1.00 Litecoin and get %25 Deposit bonus!
- Deposit under 0.50 Litecoin and get %10 Deposit bonus!

All bonuses are processed manually within 10 hours after submission.

earnlitecoin opened today!
Published on 19-10-2017

Hello dear members! BitcoFarm is opening today, the first Litecoin PTC.

-The first 10,000 members will instantly get a free Bronze membership with one year expiry upon joining! :)
-The first 10 members who can get 1,000 direct referrals will be awarded a free annual Ultimate membership. Enjoy it

-Discount on extending rented referrals up to 30%

30 days: discount increased from 2%
60 days: 8%
90 days: 10%
150 days: 18%
240 days:25%
365 days: 30%

-Buy Shares and start to get FIXED INCOME!

We wish you happy clicking and earnings on EarnLitecoin.